Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hung Black Bodybuilder Rico Cane from Musclehunks

Description: Newly arrived on LiveMuscleShow, muscleman Rico Cane was one of the original Powermen when that great muscle site was first launched. Known as 'Chicago's bad boy' he was hot stuff - but look at him now! WOW! Has Rico been living in the gym, or what? In the great tradition of Eddie Camacho and Rico Elbaz, big 'n' ripped bodybuilder Rico Cane is now packed with huge, hard muscle - and that ain't all! Just check out that supersized engine of love Chicago's big bad man is carrying between those super ripped quads! Now THAT'S a bodybuilder!
Musclehunks is the hot site for hot nude bodybuilders. Some maybe gay others are straight but they're all hot. Join dozens of hot guys showing everything they've got in hot beefy poses, flexing, wrestling, in shorts at the beach. These guys will make your mouths water for more. Some have big cocks and others are average but they are all hot. 

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In case there were any doubts the first time around, LMS Star Rico Cane is back to prove in the good Eddie Camacho tradition that bodybuilders can not only be big, ripped, but can be uncommonly healthily hung, too. Rico is taken the plunge and is spending a carefree afternoon strolling about that South Florida bodybuilder private resort where we bring all our big boys for your private showings. Moreover, he appears to be looking to initiate a muscle worship session, with him on the receiving end. So get down on your knees, boy, and get to work.

An Outside Relationship from My Gay Lover Works Best - an Online Gay Sex Friend Sex Story

I joined a gay online dating site. I'd had a fight with my lover and underneath it all I was looking for a new friend. I mean I love Joe. He's cuddly gay bear and we have had the best sex of our lives together. I would never leave him nor would he ever leave me. I just wanted something different. His cock is large enough, he's financially secure, still I wanted to try something new.
So, I created this profile.  I was thinking about using my face but then decided I would use a dick pic. All I wanted was a little sex anyway no long enduring bond. My ad was met with great success, I got an avalanche of responses and didn't know where to start. But I went with the 23 year old twink.  His ad stated he was from Idaho and moved here for college. The dick pic was great. We connected texting each other back and forth and then decided to get together.
We met at Starbucks. I was there first peering out the window at who ever fit his description. Tall, blonde, muscular 23 year old. I saw him and smiled. I knew it was him. I waved and smiled back.
"I'm so glad you made it" I said.
"Yea, Tom me too. You look even better in person." he said.
Over lattes and biscuits, we talked about everything under the sun. School, career plans, my business plans. I have an ever expanding internet business. After several hours talking we decided to go for a walk in the nearby park.
It was still sunny but very quiet being early spring. We sat in a secluded area and started kissing like we never kissed before. It wasn't hot outside but I could feel the build up of body heat as our tongues circled each others. He reached for my cock and started sucking it. The cool wetness of his mouth felt so good on my dick. I knew the sex with him would be great. I returned the favor as best as I could. His cock was huge and fat. I needed to make sure my teeth never touched his precious cock. I licked balls and then used my hand to massage his balls as I sucked his cock. I could taste the drops of precum as I sucked his fabulous cock. It got harder and harder and he sighed blowing his load down my throat. It was fantastic. I came at the same time as he played with my nipples.
That was our first meeting. Over the months, we saw each other whenver we could. His obligations as a wrestler team member, student, and part time job holder meant we had to squeeze time in whenever we could. When we did, it was worth it. This relationship took alot of stress off of Joe. Suddenly, I could appreciate him more and more. And I felt like the luckiest guy in the world to have not one but two great guys around me.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Antonio Biaggi in Hot Gay Bareback Sex Video

Hung XL – a Gay Black Sex Hookup Video

Hung XL – a Gay Black Sex Hookup Video
Some guys are blessed at birth with having an extra-large cock, but there’s only one dude who’s named for it! Meet XL, a hung black hunk with a smile that’ll melt your heart and a dick that’ll split your ass in two! XL is as real as it gets, and now you get to go along with him as he fucks size-queen bottom boys all year through. Raise a glass with him and Brandon Jones as they skip past their first date dinner plans to the REAL main course. Sit back on the couch with buddies Damian Brooks and Andre Donovan as they dare XL to dive deep into their holes with his expert tongue and throbbing dick. Celebrate the whole year round as XL parties hard with Nubius, Jin Powers, Tyson Tyler and more, whether he’s gettin’ his candle blown on his lover’s birthday, jinglin’ his balls at Christmas, or bustin’ out his fat dick on St. Patrick’s. It seems like everybody wants a taste, but it’s all good, because when you’re hung like XL, you’ve got more than enough to go around! A Next Door Ebony anthology.